Top 10 places to travel

Kimmie here,

so todays blog is on my top 10 places i’d love to travel to.

I’ve never been outside of Australia, so i’m really excited for my first overseas trip. I was planning to go to America but i decided not to, you can guess why.

So my top 10 places i’d love to travel to are:


  1. Vancouver, Canada.

I choose Vancouver because alot of my favourite movies and tv shows are filmed there. It’s always cold in Canada and I LOVE THE COLD WEATHER…


2. Toronto, Canada

Again another Canadian city. Beautiful city from what i’ve seen online.


3. New York, United States of America

I will eventually move to this lovely state. Home of Broadway. I love me some broadway but also it has such a rich historical scene aswell.


4. Los Angeles, United States of America

I’ve only had dreams of living here. Celebrity central. The houses are unreal in LA aswell as the beaches. Another city with historical value.


5. Nashville, United States of America

Home of country music. Need i saw more.


6. Hawaii, United States of America

Hawaii would be a dream come true. It’s so beautiful and serene.


7. Las Vegas, United States of America

it’s ¬†Vegas baby. The bright lights look so captivating.


8. London, United Kingdom

it has the very iconic Big Ben. Punk Rock was huge in London and pretty much started in England so visiting all the hotspots would be so interesting


9. Paris, France

The city of Love!!!


10. Beijing, China

Another city which so much history and culture will definitely be an eye opener.


These are my top 10 places I’d love to travel to. Hopefully one day I will be able visit all these place maybe even live in them as well, you never know what the future has in store for you.






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