My First…Year at University

Hi my lovely readers.

Kimmie here. So today’s blog is on MY FIRST YEAR AT UNIVERSITY.

So i am originally from South Australia. So i took the courage to move to Melbourne and follow my dream which is to own my record label. The first university i went to was JMC Academy and studied a Bachelor of Entertainment Business Management. Financially it wasn’t for me. So i applied to study a Diploma of Business (Public Relations) at RMIT University.

To be honest i had no idea what i was getting myself into. I had just moved into my apartment and i wasn’t really prepared for what lied ahead. I was nervous as hell but i found my place. The Ngarara Willim Centre helped me find my place, i met many people who inspired me to go that extra distance.

6 months after starting at RMIT i applied for the Bachelor Of Communication (Public Relations). I was so nervous for that too, because it’s such a hard course to get into. So i consulted a lecturer who i thought i had great rapport with. I told them i wanted to go do the bachelor and they told me because i had only been doing public relations for 6 months, i wouldn’t get in. I was so shocked that a lecturer would say that, they didn’t discourage me to apply but for them think i wouldn’t get in. haha!, i showed them. I did the interview and because it was a group interview, the students i talked to even said i should do the advanced diploma and wait. I don’t think so.

When people don’t believe i can do something, there’s something inside me that has to prove them wrong and then laugh in their face.

That pretty much was my first year of uni. The following year i started the first club at RMIT for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students but that story is for another time.

If anyone tells you, you can’t do something, prove them wrong. That feeling you get when you’ve done something they can’t believe you could do is so rewarding. No, Never and Can’t is not in my vocab. I owe my success to those 3 words.

Thank you for reading and don’t forget to follow me on social media.

~~Kimmie Lovegrove~~



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