My First…Plane Ride

Hi Y’all,

Kimmie here. So todays blog is on well my first plane ride.

I was 17 years old. I was a national finalist for Girlfriend Of The Year 2011. I was the only Aboriginal woman to get to the finals. So it was a major honour for me. I had to go to a photoshoot and do an interview in Sydney. So they paid to fly me over for the day. Since everything was paid for i took the opportunity to stay a day or two and enjoy the sights while i had the chance and had to go back to reality.

Girlfriend of the year is a nationwide competition run by Girlfriend Magazine which is a worldwide distributed magazine. This competition aims to find a young woman who is making a difference in their community. Since a young age i have always wanted to help people. My dream was and is still to build a community centre crossed with accommodation for young people who just need a little push in the right direction. This dream got a spot in the final 6 for the competition.

I was scared out of my mind, i had never flown before. I was flying by myself. I was very lucky because a man next me helped me get through the flight. My technique is to control my breathing as if i’m in labour. weird i know, but it works every.single.time.

Your probably wondering what happened with the competition. I didn’t win. I guess my dream was too big to vote for, instead a young girl who wanted to be chef and go to the best cooking school won. I wonder where she is now.


I have so many dreams. I guess the continuous factor in all of them is that they will impact someones life. They say do what you love. What i love the most in this world aside from my family and friends is knowing that someone who is less fortunate than i and hear that i changed their life for the better, that is so rewarding. As mentioned before i hope my blogs somehow help you, whoever may be reading this, i hope this blog shows that yes life is hard, unbearable sometimes but take one day at a time. The future is not written yet, i may have a 20 year plan but i don’t know what will happen in 20 years, everything i have planned could change. The future is unpredictable.




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