Predict The Future

Hello fellow readers.

To determine what i will be blogging about. I have put a range of topics in a hat. I will draw out a topic and write.

This weeks topic is…. PREDICT THE FUTURE!!

So it’s pretty self explanatory. I am no god or psychic. But i hope one day these things could happen. So let’s set the time, let’s say 10 years.

10 years from now i will own my own client management business, managing artists in music, art and sport. I will be located in Sydney or New York. I’m dating someone in the entertainment industry. They would be in the business world of the entertainment industry or an actor. Im really into Dylan O’Brien. I know the chances of me dating someone like Dylan O’Brien is highly unlikely but they said the same thing about me finishing high school.

As for the world, i would predict world peace. Black and white people to be at peace with one another. Climate Change to be on it’s way to be fixed. For our earth to be healthy and safe.

A lot can happen in 10 years.I know my prediction is a little bit out there but it’s what i want for our earth and what i hope for my world.

What do you hope for, what do you want for the future. Tell me. comment below.

nothing is ever set in stone. we have the power to change the future. so let’s start today!!!.


cmon who wouldn’t want to be with this amazing human!!!


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